Black August Resistance 2018: Remembering the Inmates for Action

Originally written in early August, but delayed due to mail harassment

“Born on the battlefield next to soldiers killed in this war, some of them veterans, some of them victims, all of them poor. The IFA ripped ‘em and gripped ‘em with a coup de grace. Now blame the last days how my momma raised me, survivor, ghetto messiah, baptized under rapid fire. Wiretaps and traps are set to kill me. It’s going to take more than ghetto birds and jets do you feel me?”

During this Black August Resistance I’d like to give remembrance and honor to the Inmates for Action (IFA). The IFA was founded in the Alabama prison slave system at the Atmore State Prison (now Fountain Correctional Facility) in the late 1960s/early 1970s. The politics of the IFA were the politics of the times: a little socialism, black nationalism/revolutionary nationalism/cultural nationalism, and anti-capitalism and anti-racism. The IFA was mainly composed of black prisoners, but I know at least one white prisoner was a member of the IFA. The IFA was a formation of the times, a time when young black people had become disillusioned with the Civil Rights Movement. This was the generation that birthed Black Liberation and saw the politics of the Civil Rights Movement as bankrupt of any ideas to liberate black people from the white supremacist, racist, capitalist political power structure. Revolution was in the air and seemed possible. Continue reading

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Support the National Prison Strike

On April 15, 2018, seven prisoners lost their lives and twenty-two others were injured in a gladiator-style fight at the Lee Correctional Facility in South Carolina after correctional officers fled the scene, locking the fighting prisoners inside a dormitory. These pigs refused to provide security and medical care to the wounded and bleeding prisoners.

In the aftermath of this tragedy, prisoners in South Carolina has made the call for a National Prison Strike to begin on August 21st till September 9th, 2018. Since the initial call, prisoners in other states have joined in the call for a National Prison Strike and for solidarity from free-world folks. Any time there is a crack in power we must take the opportunity to widen that crack. Prisons are institutions of the state and couldn’t exist without the silent consent of society.

Most people are in some kind of mind neurosis of extreme memory loss to forget that it’s our/their brother, son, uncle, husband, father, sister, mother, etc. who fill these cages; subjected to some of the most brutal treatment by those who hold us captive.

Show and express your solidarity via demos, rallies at or near prisons and DOC offices, and other direct action.


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Riot squad attacks prisoners at Holman, solidarity calls needed

On June 19, the CERT (riot squad) began attacking prisoners at Holman prison in Alabama. Under the pretext of searching for contraband, prisoners were beaten and eight individuals were thrown in lockup.

According to anarchist prisoner Michael Kimble (one of the eight thrown in lockup) the beatings were unprovoked, with some of the prisoners being beaten for looking up after being told not to. Michael was assaulted by six guards and sustained cracked ribs, cuts, and bruises. Some prisoners who avoided being thrown in lockup are walking around in general population with broken jaws, busted heads, and other injuries.

The prisoners placed in lockup were initially thrown in a holding cell with no mattress, blankets, or sheets and forced to sleep on the floor. None had any shoes and were not given water, toilet paper, or lunch. Though they have since been given a mattress, they still lack blankets and sheets.

Despite DOC regulations, the prisoners have received no paperwork stating why they are in lockup and have not been given access to their property.

Thank you to all who called. Michael has been released from lock-up.

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More religious counter-insurgency at Holman prison

The flyer above is spread by prison-sanctioned Christian missionaries at Holman prison. Browder Ministries continue to aid the pacification of prison rebellion at Holman via petty rewards for cooperative behavior. For more analysis of Browder Ministries and religious pacification, see Michael Kimble’s previous article “Religion Used as Recuperative and Pacification Program,” for more information on similar counter-insurgency efforts at Holman, see “The Holman Agenda.”

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June 11, 2018 statement [EN/ES]

Revolutionary salutations to Marius Mason and all long term anarchist prisoners being held captive by the state, and to all anarchists around the world.

My name is Michael Kimble and I am a long term anarchist prisoner in the state of Alabama. I’ve been imprisoned for thirty-one years and throughout my imprisonment I’ve been engaged in the fight against authority and domination, and the how-to end this miserable existence.

Throughout this fight I’ve come to the conclusion that there is no clear cut way to bring this nightmare to an end and to sustain our movements, and projects except through building relationships involving everyday life. Building relationships builds trust, loyalty, understanding and cohesion. Cohesion is what is going to sustain us, our movements, projects and comrades behind the walls.

We only have to project the principles of anarchism such as mutual aid, cooperation, a healthy dose of hatred for all forms of oppression, domination, authority and capital. Relationships based on a shared vision of struggle, but also accompanying all the above can be subversive. It’s simple, but difficult to practice due to our socialization into what we have now.

We, long term prisoners can do nothing other than fight back and survive. But to survive in a healthy way, we need our movements strong and healthy. And I think that we are on that road. The road to creation cohesion – community.

Shout out to all those around the world who have written to me, sent cards, commissary funds, shoes and most importantly making me part of your lives.

Smash The State!
Fire To The Prisons!
A Luta Continua!
Tuta Shinde Mbili Shaka
(together we can win without doubt)

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Holman Report

Back in 2006 a friend who practiced the Rastafarian religion was cut in the face while asleep by an unknown person. No one was ever charged and my friend sent word to me and another prisoner that he wanted us to hold down the slot he had in the chapel since he was going to be transferred because he had an unknown enemy in the population.

So, ever since 2006 i and the other prisoner have been holding talent shows, Kwanzaa events, Black August events, seminars and Black History Month events under the banner of the Rastafarian religion. Rastafarianism is just another bizarre liberation theology.

Anyway, this year i posted flyers and enlisted the participation of a few young prisoners to do a Black History Month event (speakers, poets, singers, rappers, and our first fashion show). During these events there is no pig (A.C.A.B.) participating or attending. It’s solely organized by prisoners for prisoners alone.

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Ongoing Work Strike at Holman Prison

On the evening of Friday, October 3, 2017 prisoners at Holman prison in Alabama began a work strike in protest to the suspension of weekend family visitation, the continued and ongoing of harassment by Alabama Department of Corrections CERT (riot squad) against prisoners, including physical assaults on prisoners, arbitrary shakedowns and the total disrespect CERT members show towards prisoners.

The CERT has been assigned to Holman October of 2016 after rebellious prisoners staged a number of work strikes, riots and the stabbings of warden Carter Davenport corrections officer Tait and the killing of corrections officer Bettis.

The work strike length is indefinite. Pass the word on and express your solidarity with the prison rebels held captive at Holman by demonstrating and direct action.

Michael Kimble
Holman Prison

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Reportback on the October 1st 5k Run in Solidarity with Marius Mason

On Sunday, October 1st, i and two other prisoners began our 5k run after reading a zine on Marius. Neither of the two other runners were familiar with Marius, but after reading both expressed their admiration for him.

i and the other two runners are long-time runners, but despite that I was unable to finish the entire 5k running. i was able to jog for 3k before i ran out of strength, but the other runners complete the entire 5k. One of the runners suggested that i walk the other 2k to complete the entire 5k, so they joined me and we walked the 12 laps around the exercise yard discussing Marius and anarchists who expressed their love for the environment through action.

It was one of the best conversations i’ve had in a long time and made me aware of how far i’ve fell in my jogging, which normally is 5k. i also had the chance to get to know these two better.

Thanks Marius for all you’ve done.

In Solidarity,
Michael, Tommy, and Lil’ Kim

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Running Down the Walls 2017

I just want everyone to know that i and a few others will be running on October 1st. i don’t know if we will run the entire 5k, but if not, we’ll walk the rest.

This will be my first time participating and i’m excited to be acting in sync with comrades all over the u.s., in and out of the prisons, to show my solidarity for political prisoners.

This is really cool and promotes healthy and cooperative attitudes and action.

Free All Political Prisoners!

Free Marius Mason!

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Black August Resistance – 2017/Holman

I’ve been taking part in Black August activities since about 1989 and it has been a tradition here at Holman prison for the last ten years of so to observe Black August.

Black August began in the 1970s as Black August Memorial in the california prison system by the Black Guerrilla Family in remembrance and celebration of their comrades who had fallen in the struggle for black liberation. Black August Memorial has been reserved for members of the Black Guerrilla Family.

But, Black August Resistance was later added to encompass all the acts of Black resistance against oppression in the month of August.

Here, we organized two events for the entire population, but not as many prisoners attended as in previous years. There were dynamic speakers, poets, singers, rappers and a trivia where participants could win prizes.

The best part was when one speaker gave a rundown of acts of resistance such as Nat Turner’s rebellion on August 21, 1831 and showed the continuum to George Jackson, and Jonathan Jackson’s raid on the Marin County Courthouse to free revolutionary prisoners on August 7, 1971.

Although the turnout was small we had a wonderful, educating and radicalizing time, with excellent food. We shared noodles, brown rice, cheese, beans, corn chips, chopped onions wrapped in flour tortillas. Most of the good was expropriated from the prison’s kitchen.

Black August is significant in the sense that it passes on the legacy of struggle and black liberation to new generations. The state would love to erase the history of black resistance to oppression and we can’t allow this.

i and a couple of others observed Black August Resistance by fasting once a week, exercising and reading liberating literature.

Long Live the Black Guerrillas!

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