Hunger Strike in Alabama in response to COVID

On July 29th, anarchist prisoner Michael Kimble, fellow prisoner, Brandon Oden, and several others began a hunger strike from all foods other than water, in protest of the inept mishandling of the Covid-19 crisis at Easterling Correctional Facility.

Issues include the lack of outside exercise, despite an hour of such time being mandated by law, the lack of access to the law library, the lack of clean and fresh water, the lack of access to immune boosting healthy foods and fruit, the lack of proper testing and quarantining of prisoners, the lack of proper disinfection, and the administration’s refusal to release vulnerable prisoners being held at Easterling.

Additionally, prisoners are demanding adequate medical treatment for prisoners Daniel Wilson, who has a broken arm that has gone untreated, and for 86-year old prisoner Michael Mayola, who has back and other health issues that been neglected by prison staff.

We ask that everyone call and fax the warden of Easterling Correctional and the AL Commissioner of the AL DOC and demand that they address these serious problems immediately.

Alabama Commissioner of Prisons Jefferson Dunn – (334) 353-3883

Easterling Correctional Warden John Crow – (334) 397-4471

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