Anarchy Live!: The Writings of Anarchist Prisoner Michael Kimble
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A collection of much of Michael’s public writing up to Summer 2015.

Fire Ant #12
features Michael Kimble on Black history and his parole hearing

Fire Ant #10

Fire Ant #7

Fire Ant #6

Fire Ant #5
features a letter, two poems, and an update from Michael

Fire Ant #4
Features writing by Michael on the state of Alabama prisons

Fire Ant #3
features cover art by Michael & a rant on prison

Fire Ant #2
features a letter from Michael to a benefit event in Maine & a report on repression in Alabama prisons

Fire Ant #1
features Michael’s writing “Anarchy & Insurrection” and a letter from Michael

The Fire Inside
Reflections on the September 2016 prison strike
features writing by Michael on queer resistance in Alabama prisons

June 11th 2017 Reportback
features Michael’s statement for 2017’s International Day of Solidarity with All Long-Term Anarchist Prisoners

Wildfire, No. 5
features Michael’s writing “The Untold Story”

Wildfire, No. 3
features Michael’s writing “Work Strikes: A Response”

Wildfire, No. 2
features a letter from Michael

Wildfire, No. 1
features Michael’s writings “To My Comrades” and “Up the Ante”

Black Anarchism: A Reader
features Michael’s writing “Where Do We Go From Here”

What is Prisoner Support?
features a letter from Michael on prisoner solidarity

Radio Interviews

The Final Straw – June 2019
A collection of interviews about Fire Ant

The Final Straw – May 2019

The Final Straw – December 2015

The Ex-Worker