Reportback on the October 1st 5k Run in Solidarity with Marius Mason

On Sunday, October 1st, i and two other prisoners began our 5k run after reading a zine on Marius. Neither of the two other runners were familiar with Marius, but after reading both expressed their admiration for him.

i and the other two runners are long-time runners, but despite that I was unable to finish the entire 5k running. i was able to jog for 3k before i ran out of strength, but the other runners complete the entire 5k. One of the runners suggested that i walk the other 2k to complete the entire 5k, so they joined me and we walked the 12 laps around the exercise yard discussing Marius and anarchists who expressed their love for the environment through action.

It was one of the best conversations i’ve had in a long time and made me aware of how far i’ve fell in my jogging, which normally is 5k. i also had the chance to get to know these two better.

Thanks Marius for all you’ve done.

In Solidarity,
Michael, Tommy, and Lil’ Kim

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