Support Parole for Michael Kimble!

In December 2015, I will be having a parole consideration hearing for the umpteenth time and I need your help.

Parole is no guarantee and in Alabama there is no particular criteria for granting parole. It’s solely left to the discretion of the parole board members. Hopefully, with your support in the form of letters, petitions, and phone calls, this will have a favorable impact on the decision of the parole board in my behalf.

At this time no day has been set, just the month and year. As soon as a day has been set I’ll promptly post it. But in the meantime I’d ask for you all to send letters to the parole board.

  1. No form letters.
  2. Letters should mention the number of years I’ve served (30), that I’ve received numerous certificates, that you believe that I’ve made a change for the better, and that you are willing to support me any way you can once I’m released. Some of you may want to mention that you’ve gotten to know me since my incarceration and that you think I’m ready for release.
  3. Don’t mention my crime or minimize it.
  4. State your belief that I will be a useful, law-abiding citizen in the community, that in spite of my past mistakes I am genuinely a good person and that I take responsibility for my actions and show great remorse.
  5. Avoid discussing your political positions.
  6. Be sure to mention my name and AIS number in the heading of any letter you write: Michael Kimble, #138017
  7. If you are a professional, please use your letterhead.
  8. Mention that you are aware that I will be entering a half-way house immediately if I’m released and that you are willing to support me however once I’m released from the half-way house if needed.

I need to start gathering support letters now.

You can write the parole board at:
Alabama Dept. of Pardons and Parole
301 South Ripley Street
Montgomery, AL 36130

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